Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I wonder...

I wonder sometimes, what it must be like to be an American conservative. To believe wholeheartedly in such an outrageous collection of fictions, exagerations and lies. To believe that Obama isn't a US citizen; that global warming is unproven; that the jury is still out on evolution; that government is always the problem; that taxes on the rich are always too high; that a world run by corporations for their own benefit is a desireable objective; that Keith Olbermann is in some way equivelent to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck; that waterboarding and wallslamming aren't torture, no matter what 500 years of history says; that Bush "kept us safe" and Reagan "won the Cold War"; that cutting taxes increases revenues; that Clinton was unusually corrupt and Bush did not deserve impeachment a dozen times over; that the media has a liberal bias, the Obama administration is already unusually sleazy and Faux news is "fair and balanced".

I'm mentally ill. I have an excuse for believing utter bunkum. What makes me shudder is that supposedly sane people exist who believe this collection of bullshit and fairytales and not only that but they get elected to national office.

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